Project Name: Decred

Coin Ticker: DCR

Market Cap: $196,047,395 (As of 3 March 2020)


Mining Algorithm: Blake-256

Block time: ~5 min

Original code base: btcsuite, written by the Decred developers

Founder’s reward or analog: 4%

Development Team:

Privacy Protocol:

How does the project protect users?

Explain the Anonymity Sets (per txn):

Privacy By Default: Currently set top opt-in today, it can change in the future.

% tx Anon: 16% as of 1/20/20


All info is here in the docs: Decrediton, CLI, SPV, Lightning Network, privacy, hardware

What makes your wallet easy to use?

GUI is super intuitive-it’s been described as the best in crypto.

What are you doing to make the wallet more user friendly? There are always issues and work being done

What OSs does it support: Linux, Mac, Windows

GUI Wallet: Yes

Mobile Wallet: iOS and Android

Why is privacy important to your project team?

What makes your project stand out above other projects?

Decred’s privacy implementation is simple, iterative, and audit-able. The three articles will communicate that in more depth.

What do you have in the works for future development?

Decred is working on a DEX

The DEX is designed to be fair, permissionless and anti-rent seeking.

Decred is also working on Lightning Network. It’s the only non btccore project to accomplish this. It’s also working on ticket splitting via LN

Decred continues to work on privacy, likely will implement Bulletproofs in the future.

It’s also working on mutli-sig Schnorr signatures

Decred is also working to fully decentralize its treasury, which would make it the most viable DAO because it controls the base layer.

What is the path to mass adoption of your project?

The path to mass adoption of Decred likely follows that of Bitcoin. It is designed to be a superior store of value first. It’s more secure, adaptable, and sustainably funded. As a MoE, LN and mobile wallets will enable Decred to be used for payments, and LN will be interoperable with BTC & LTC.

Important links:

Almost all information can be found in our docs, and the best content is here:

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